Value of a Relationship to Your Health and Business?

An amazing leader who I have the pleasure to serve on a council with shared some amazing stories of her background, influence, and purpose today.  These stories always inspire me and so many don’t realize how important it is to allow others to share their stories, their history, their accomplishments, hobbies, and so much more. […]

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Perception of Abundance in Writing Your Book?

Today is Day 2 of our new book, we are writing for 2014, what mindset will you consistently choose? Compassionate Samurai, written by Brian Klemmer, shares an interesting definition of abundance thinking: “Abundance is the position in which your wholeness and completeness are not dependent on external circumstances.” This definition is a new perspective to […]

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Real Moments for Reflection

Take time to appreciate every moment! Barbara de Angelis, who also wrote a great book called Real Moments, is an inspiration among many others to helping individuals understand the benefit of appreciating the moment.  Women, unlike men, have the challenge of taking in every moment, as many of my business advisers and coaches remind me […]

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