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Creating Presence in the Sales Perspective

Forever on my Facebook live is me slurring, “I am the Strategic Leadership Coach for One Light Ahead.” See what happens when you don’t have enough protein, and don’t let the cough drop melt before you attempt to speak? Seriously, this is what happens on authentic Facebook feeds. What are you letting the world see? […]

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How to Help Your Customer Determine Their Wants vs. Needs – BBB feature

How many times have you heard the phrase, “Champagne taste on a beer budget?” In the craft beer world, we are now experiencing, this may give the phrase a whole new meaning, but the message is still relevant. Let’s start with an example: A furniture supplier wants a furniture store to sell their supplies. Seems […]

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Speaking of thoughts….

Behaviors, Thoughts, and Patterns….. Just a few subjects Coach April speaks about to leaders in a multitude of businesses.  When you are looking for a speaker, consultant, or facilitator, some things to consider: Behavior and thought presentations: It is a gift and skill to help an audience uncover the WIFM. What Is in it For […]

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Strategically Leading Your Online Strategy

Online strategic leadership: There are many ways to learn how to climb the online ranking and strategy. The material and perceptions are massive.  The fundamentals still reflect back to strategic focus.  Although, many would like to delegate this, learning is creating future leadership opportunity when you are ready to delegate. Active Rain, a real estate […]

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