How to Help Your Customer Determine Their Wants vs. Needs – BBB feature

How many times have you heard the phrase, “Champagne taste on a beer budget?” In the craft beer world, we are now experiencing, this may give the phrase a whole new meaning, but the message is still relevant.

Let’s start with an example:

A furniture supplier wants a furniture store to sell their supplies. Seems like a simple connection for want = want. The furniture store owner only carries modern furniture with a techno (a music style) industrial design; the furniture supplier has a high-quality wood product. In the wants vs. needs concept, without the details, it would seem a perfect fit (furniture product = furniture store). With the details – wood vs. industrial modern, the wants or needs do not connect (or are mismatched).

Wants display a desired thing or outcome. The want is attached to a perceived vision or belief of what that result looks like. The want is also a very tangible emotion at times, so addressing a client’s wants in very specific conversations is a wise decision.

A coach I work with just explained in a coaching workshop – selling a client on their wants and delivering their needs is NOT a bait and switch situation. It is helping them to discover what is realistic to their specific need.

Digging into the Champagne Desire:

A coaching client (a business owner) will want to find more leads, create more revenue, and have a larger bottom line. These are all what I would say is a champagne desire in many aspects. Most clients will say I want X amount of money – perhaps millions of dollars. Realistically, everyone has champagne taste desiring many options, especially in the instant gratification world we live in. However, this champagne taste is not a simple matter of wanting more money. The desire and want are attached to a perception of what the million dollars provides or represents to them. As we dig into what a client truly needs, paying their kids college tuition, reducing or removing debt, or taking a long vacation, we may discover a simpler solution. The process to discovering these solutions is narrowing in on the attachments and expectations attached to the desire.

Recognizing the Reality of the BEER Budget:

Narrowing in on what a consumer truly needs may actually satisfy everyone’s wants. In the craft beer world, they have been pursuing such a need. Amazon has a book that includes a review of every beer the author has discovered, “So whether you’re looking for bitter beers or balanced flavors, a hint of hops or a hint of coffee, the reviews will point you in the right direction to find the perfect beer to suit your taste buds,” (Amazon book review). This book addresses the need and the want to narrow down to the perfect beer to suit your realistic need – taste! Narrowing down the need with questions, checklists, or specifics determines the taste. Your clients may have wanted champagne, but you help them discover what they needed and truly desired was beer all along.

About the Author April Ballestero

Coach April Ballestero, coach of coaches, also coaches mega agents and seventh level teams who choose to implement creating high level business and impact in their communities. Owning a previous business in Nextel sales, being part of a superstar real estate team, and training in the real estate industry for the past 15years was just a small tip of the iceberg of lessons learned she shares with heart. A position was created for her in 2009 with Select Group as the Director of SalesCoaching and Mentoring where her executive coaching experience started. She traveled across Northern CA and NV to coach/train 35 offices. It was in 2011 she joined Keller Williams as a Productivity Coach to double one market center's company dollar in 10 months in Southern Ca. She expanded her coaching business under One Light Ahead at the same time to serve multiple real estate industries,sales industries, and leadership organizations. Her coaching style enables participants to connect the material to their specific journey. Clients appreciate her willingness to serve as a life and business coach seamlessly. Coach April has two amazing children, one adorable grandson, and empowers leaders in her volunteer hours as well.

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