Speaking of thoughts….

Behaviors, Thoughts, and Patterns…..

Just a few subjects Coach April speaks about to leaders in a multitude of businesses.  When you are looking for a speaker, consultant, or facilitator, some things to consider:

Behavior and thought presentations:

It is a gift and skill to help an audience uncover the WIFM.

What Is in it For Me(WIFM) is a key factor to any presentation.  The DISC behavior tool has an adaptive and natural feature to the results which adds to the WIFM.  A simple two page assessment helps people uncover a helicopter view of what this natural and adaptive style looks like to them. It is an wonderful value to creating an additional visual tool to integrate your audience into the presentation.  This helps each participant uncover what is valuable to their own journey.

In Coach April’s presentation – Improve your Thinking, Improve your Results – she has clients complete an assessment in advance and shares 36 thoughts that are under the iceberg of behaviors.  The material is intensely simple and powerful.

Attorneys, Insurance, Karate Plumbing, Real Estate, are just a few of the audience members in the presentations given so far this year.  The key focus for her messages are developing relationships, increasing business and income, as well as providing powerful results.  Many run into obstacles in their pursuit of results.   Her last audience appreciated the adaptability concepts she shared for appreciating their own behaviors as well as the clients they want to work with.

Real Estate Presentations:

Experience is valuable.

The Sacramento Home and Garden show Coach April was asked to serve on the Ask the Experts stage for project management and conversations to have in the real estate transaction.  An audience member shared “I just bought a home six months ago and I learned something”.   She incorporated her 16 years of real estate experience, 20 years of investing experience, and 20 plus years of business conversations is just a few of the stories she has to share in these audiences.

Communication, Leadership and Team Development

Building relationships requires communication.

Creating engaging experiences in a presentation help reach the multiple mediums of learning.  Including an activity where ears, hands, and minds are involved create a deeper depth of retention.  William Glasser pyramid shares how active and passive styles are reflected in the experience of learning.  Every individual attending a presentation will want to walk away with a minimum of one nugget.

Whatever your business, your relationships matter.  Take time to learn more about how your audience and client’s behaviors, thoughts, and patterns impact your results.


About the Author April Ballestero

Coach April Ballestero, coach of coaches, also coaches mega agents and seventh level teams who choose to implement creating high level business and impact in their communities. Owning a previous business in Nextel sales, being part of a superstar real estate team, and training in the real estate industry for the past 15years was just a small tip of the iceberg of lessons learned she shares with heart. A position was created for her in 2009 with Select Group as the Director of SalesCoaching and Mentoring where her executive coaching experience started. She traveled across Northern CA and NV to coach/train 35 offices. It was in 2011 she joined Keller Williams as a Productivity Coach to double one market center's company dollar in 10 months in Southern Ca. She expanded her coaching business under One Light Ahead at the same time to serve multiple real estate industries,sales industries, and leadership organizations. Her coaching style enables participants to connect the material to their specific journey. Clients appreciate her willingness to serve as a life and business coach seamlessly. Coach April has two amazing children, one adorable grandson, and empowers leaders in her volunteer hours as well.

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