Leadership and professional growth coaching for executives, leaders, and high-achieving professionals

This is where your inner world finds permission to shine.

At One Light Ahead, we’re sparking a global movement of leaders who understand that you can never lead others until you take the time to lead yourself, first.

We know this isn’t easy work.

It requires a careful and continual observation of your inner life.

But as a One Light Ahead leader, you aren’t afraid of the hard work of self-discovery. . . because you’re never alone.

We’re always here to help, guiding your every step and illuminating the path towards your highest potential.

"April’s content was different than most anything I had worked with in the past. Her material is a lot personally and spiritually deeper than most coaching content."
Kurt Reisig, CEO, APM Mortgage
“One Light Ahead has done an amazing job of providing an excellent set of tools and a mastery of their use to provide training that is just not available anywhere else. I've personally witnessed the success of this program many times over.
Steve Repp, Business Owner, Brookings OR
“April is patient, kind, and extremely insightful. She draws from years of experience in the world of business, coaching (and being coached ) and life. Those who have the opportunity to be coached by April or read her books will certainly be blessed and the better for it.”
Traci Harris, Harris Group Property Management & Leasing

Meet Your Coach

April Ballestero

I see you.

It sounds like such a simple phrase.

But to be seen, to be heard, to be known? This is perhaps one of the most powerful, most transformative experiences we can ever step into as human beings.

Some of my earliest memories in life are marked by a sense of invisibility. To be honest, my wounds are deep. But over time, healing has found its way to my heart as I’ve learned how to use my voice and discovered that I am most seen when I am seeing others.

Life is often like this. Your greatest mission forms out of the ashes of your greatest heartaches.

Since 2003, I’ve been coaching executives, leaders, and high-achieving professionals through their own journeys of life and business.

Some want to discover how to grow their network and their income.

Some want to increase sales and production.

Others want to discover their vision and learn how to align it with everything else they do.

And while all of these “metrics” seem tangible and measurable, here’s what makes my coaching so different from the mainstream: When we work together, we will never just start (or stop) with what is visible.

Instead, we’ll start by peeling back the layers...

(And if you’d like to grab a peek at how it all works, start here.)

My clients have used this work to double their revenue.

They’ve used it to grow strong, healthy, connected teams.

They’ve used it to increase productivity, value, and opportunity.

But none of this happened because they followed a formula.

Instead, it happened because they peered into their own inner lives and discovered how to unlock the lightbulb moments they so desperately need.

This can happen for you, too. But before we begin, here’s one thing you should know. . .

Our work together is more than mantras and reflections.

And it’s more than mindfulness and self-awareness.

It’s a contagious transformation that will spread into every facet of your life and your work. . . but only when you discover how to peel back your layers and make space for the growth you need.

You, dear friend, are my genuine purpose. So I’m here, ready to start when you are.

What you believe matters.

And that’s why ours guide everything we do.

Be Relentless

I once climbed a ladder to estimate a construction job, and as I stood there at the bottom of the ladder, I realized that wearing a skirt for this type of work was probably not the best idea. But it didn’t matter. I did what needed to be done and climbed up to the roof anyways. And this is how I approach everything in life. I am a relentless partner and a relentless friend who is fiercely intentional about helping you live your best life.

Always Ask Questions

Around here, I’m unapologetic about this value because for me, it’s the true key to expertise. When you’re a question-asker, you recognize that every single one of us has blindspots — and left unexposed, those blindspots can allow your own biases and assumptions to trick you into believing you’ve “arrived.” But in reality, life is longing to show you so much more. Do you want to unlock deep truths and profound insights? Then the method is simple: Always ask questions.

Live Unlayered

Your life has been built by story — stories of struggle and heartache, and stories of joy and triumph. And like the layers of an onion, those stories stack on top of one another and work overtime to protect your deepest identity. But instead of protecting you, those layers are actually blocking you from showing up in the world as completely, authentically you. So if you’re ready to live a life of meaning and true abundance, then it’s time to live unlayered.

Why should you partner with One Light Ahead?

You’ll never be coached with a one-size-fits-all approach.

“April is an attentive, committed coach who doesn’t thrust a “formula” at one, but rather listens and observes in a comprehensive way in order to tailor her approach to the individual’s needs among her diverse coaching clientele. I know I am heard, assessed, motivated, and pushed in precise ways that work for me and get me moving to achieve the goals that I have articulated.”

– Marie Unini

You’ll experience comprehensive, holistic transformation.

“Because April’s style of coaching is comprehensive, I experienced growth in all areas of my life; business, family, spiritual, financial, and recreational. . . Coaching with April took me from an insecure, fearful gal hoping to make a go of a real estate career to a successful business owner of not just one, but two businesses. I have no doubt that without the priceless advice, plans and strategies April has shared with me over the years, I’d likely have given up on my hopes and dreams of becoming a business owner  years ago.”

– Traci Harris, Harris Group Property Management & Leasing

You’ll leverage your own self-growth for team growth.

“I saw the potential to expand my business and develop myself personally and professionally which I gained in owning the roles I want, seeing how my actions impact my world and knowing I have all the tools I need to grow myself and my team.

– Stephen DeSena Jr., Realtor and Business Owner, Grass Valley CA

You’ll replace unproductive habits that work against you with habits that work for you.

“Through my coaching sessions, I was able to learn how to take corrective action that replaced my unproductive habits with efficient ones. I have seen a major shift in my focus away from a life that I found to be very stressful. As I accepted my past and the experiences I lived through. I am now experiencing a life that is more fulfilling and complete.

– Lenny Sansome, Business Owner, Sacramento, CA


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