“No memory is ever alone; it’s at the end of a trail of memories, a dozen trails that each have their own associations.” -Louis L’Amour

Trails are memories and convictions we choose to connect with.  As we prepare for another Trail Blazer Summit in 2016, we take time to reflect on those who impacted our trails, especially those who impacted us personally.


My grandfather loved Louis L’Amour books.  He would read often when I would curl up in his arms.  He passed when I was just 9 years old, yet I held my first One Light Ahead seminar years ago on April 6th, his birthday.  The dozens of memories he left with me are still very fresh today as if they were just yesterday.  His quiet and powerful presencewhen he spoke everyone knew you had better pay attentionwas an icon at the family table.  When he passed the unity dwindled, and only two of his children are still alive today.


This presence of united generations of family is very rare in this day and age.  So many miss the value of community, family, and unity.  Our coaching, consulting, and seminars are all about bringing community, family, and unity value into the workplace and home.  Our clients learn how to value their own gifts and lights to share with others.  Our trailblazers see how they create their trails, what they are connected to and how they move to the next one.  May each of you reading take time to consider what power these trails of memories generate.  You may not realize their forceful impact in your everyday life. The gift and opportunity for growth of these traiblazed memories is you get to either create them again if you keep repeating the same trail at a grander scale or you get to create a new trail of memories. It’s your choice.  


Save the date to join us Sept 22, 2016 for our upcoming TrailBlazers Summit where we will be sharing some new trails, exploring how clients have implemented grander trails, and enjoying a colorful retreat full of engaging activities, information, and nuggets to take into your personal and professional life!