Over 20 plus years I have worked with business leaders to help them understand the value of a test driven schedule. Test drive means to truly test out the vehicle (car or tool) you will use.  A schedule is a system and tool to any business leader’s toolbox.  The amount of leaders who determine how to quickly implement and own this concept is far too few.  I would venture to guess 90 percent of individuals are in reactive mode.  The proactive leaders are truly creating boundaries around their valuable time to ensure consistent results.

A presentation I am scheduled to give at BBB is all about the ABC’s of FOCUS.  Consistency is a theme connected to this presentation, yet not the C referenced in the ABC.  The article attached is also on the BBB website.  It is my pleasure to be a resource for this wonderful organization.  It is my passion to help clients move forward connecting their daily habits to what they truly value.  The belief “Jump Start 1 computer seems so complicated”.  The truth is when we break many goals, desires, and destinations to the ridiculous, it has an opportunity to become very simple.  Of course, this requires desire and focus!

Check out the following article featured on the BBB blog site.  Take one action(light) at a time.  Test drive your new habits to prepare for a powerful 2017.