We were featured on Money 105.5 radio station on Monday June 30th and want to give a shout out to the host and radio station. Ellen Herrle is with Showcase Real Estate, an established company in Roseville, CA, with 32 years of experience in both the real estate and lending industry. Her wonderful ability to ask great questions, engage her audience and guests, and have fun in the process was wonderful to be around. Money 1055 Wall Street Network is the radio station we were broadcast on at 12 noon live. It was a wonderful experience to share our company and coaching on air with the audience and sponsors. Loved what Ellen said to us today when we met to review the experience today…”Who does that?”…goes right into coaching live on the air and reminds the host the value of adding a coaching into her team. We really had lots of fun! She made the whole experience enjoyable and we look forward to being on radio again soon.