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Forever on my Facebook live is me slurring, “I am the Strategic Leadership Coach for One Light Ahead.” See what happens when you don’t have enough protein, and don’t let the cough drop melt before you attempt to speak? Seriously, this is what happens on authentic Facebook feeds. What are you letting the world see?

Presence, in a sales perspective, is a choice to be seen as real as you are online and offline.

Sales is something everyone does. Everything from a parent getting their child to complete chores, a mate getting their partner to do the dishes, to a business owner securing a contract for their product or service. All of this is sales. Presence is required in order to make your connection to the sale authentic. Presence in this process requires three things: Attitude or approach to the consumer or relationship towards the person in question, belief in the deliverable product or service, and commitment to the delivery of the product or service. I call these my ABC’s of Focus, or ‘filters’ you want to add to your presence in your sale.

The Process: 

Attitude or Approach
Zig Ziglar claims that “Attitude determines your altitude.” How far do you want to fly? How much do you want to make? What joy and energy do you bring to the relationship? These are just a few of the questions we help our business owners work on to determine how they adapt their attitude and approach to the sales perspective.

Attitude and Approach are developed internally before they are shared externally. This awareness is key to any sales perspective. Remember that perspective is how each person is reacting to what they see. By choosing to have a presence, you are choosing to be seen. You get to have influence on what someone sees, yet you do not get to choose how someone processes what they see.

Belief affects this process. I see blue skies and a rainbow in a half cloudy sky. I am looking for the joy of the color in the previously stormy sky.  Another person looking for doom and gloom will see the black clouds still looming in the distance as another storm on the way. Choosing the perspective and belief we want to prove is a commitment to a filter or perspective.

Thus the belief of a consumer is a key factor to address as you prepare for your presence. The belief system of your ideal customer is a powerful focus to consider in preparing your content. Content shares your beliefs or lack of beliefs. I speak wholeheartedly from 16 years of experience when it comes from this perspective. As a customized focus coach, I want my clients to be the expert and own their perspective, yet many clients are expecting for me to expand and refine their beliefs. Everyone has their own experience and wisdom that comes with it; your content should reflect that.

Finally, we must address commitment to the process and delivery of the product and service. Every person has an ideal end result. How committed they are to the result, and the steps to achieve such a result, is another question. Our presence truly does show how intensely committed we are to such results by our consistency to the action to make such results happen.

A clear example of this is the decision to lose 20 pounds. The decision would seem obvious and beneficial if there is a need. The problem or opportunity for growth is the need may not be stronger than the want to stay in the comfort zone of an eating habit, a lack of exercise habit, or a mindset habit that believes there is no time for a habit change. All of this is a perspective and a presence that has been created in the mind and lived out in actions. Amazingly, a simple, beneficial, doable choice is not that simple. This is why delivering your product or service requires commitment.

Overall, for a business owner your simple presence and perspective is not so simple. Learning your attitude, approach, belief and commitment is a process. An upcoming class is available to help you dig deeper into understanding how to own your step to the journey to more consistent action and choices.Check out this opportunity and join us. Take time to work with your local SBA, BBB, or Chamber, a local coach/consultant to determine your perspective and choices to create your sales presence.