As we are finishing the first quarter of 2019, we would like to walk you through a few thoughts on how to set standards, stories, and strategies of excellence for your business and how they can be helpful.

Recently in a group coaching session, we began talking about the willingness to settle. Some thought that people’s willingness to settle for average his risen, and that it has led many to get stuck in complacency. One person believed that there could be no real joy in such an existence. This client realized that in this complacency, he was simply going through the motions. However, in the moments in which he was challenged to deliver to a higher level, whether personally or professionally, he found great joy and results. As many businesses may have experienced, their results are a direct reflection of the joy they experience. This may or may not be true for your business, but let’s discuss what it might look like if you raised your standards, created valuable stories among clients, and implemented focused strategies.

Standards of Excellence

The first step is to define excellence for yourself. A scoring concept, such as the five-star experience, is one way of determining excellence in many industries. This may seem simple – if you know which five stars are important to your client. The choice is between you and your customer.

Many business owners do not realize this may be created at the beginning of the relationship. This acts as a guide for your client, and you get to set a standard for the experience. Some of these standards may be disclosed in advance. However, there might be some assumed standards that your client does not communicate with you, and if not addressed appropriately, these standards might not be met. And after the fact, it may be too late to change the story.

Stories of Excellence

One of Napoleon Hill’s more famous quotes is, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” Thought patterns have the ability to create reality. In contrast, if we are held hostage by ineffective thoughts or stories, we are unable to establish new connections and move forward.

One of my clients was scared of reaching out to new communities to share her valuable materials. In order to create a new story of excellence for herself, she had to remove the fear that no one wanted to be bothered. Her new story was to clarify how many people would get value from her in just one phone call, which ultimately led to more opportunities and more experiences, and many thanked her for sharing.

Strategies of Excellence

Years ago I went to visit my God Mom in Bend Oregon. She told me we had to go to a local donut shop that just opened. We pulled up to the tiny little shop and the line was out the door. To this day, from years ago, I still remember finally getting inside and asking the owner some curious questions. His response is something I think we all need to hear. He said “I have not done any advertising, people just come because someone told them they had to.”

The business owner was committed to his strategic plan, which was to create a quality product that the customers desired. In exchange, the customers shared their experience and appreciation of his product with friends and family.

What is your business providing that causes a line out the door?