So many people ask us what will I learn by attending your events or creating a road map. I remind all my clients to remember to be prepared to walk away with 3 things you will quickly implement on enforce (Aprilism) to get the highest value from the time you invested.

So let’s prepare our audiences for the 3 things in advance, whether you attend our events or join our coaching or both which is even better:
1 – Be prepared to narrow in your radar (passion) and define the boundaries around it
(We will spend a great deal of time on this subject in the first session of the event)

2. Be prepared to understand and value the conversations your having around your passion and you allow in your radar
(We will actually be doing a few exercises to experience and determine how to create and develop boundaries)

3. Be prepared to grow and develop your skills for the conversations, systems, and road map for keeping your pace
(We assist clients every day to customize, construct, and cultivate their personal and professional road map – this event will give clients even more time to narrow down the street view compared to the sky view)