Maui is our location for the first Annual Shining Lights Conference this year!  We believe Shining Lights are individual leaders who are reflecting their beliefs in outward actions that are making a difference in our communities.  We want to give you opportunity to win an event ticket and/or win the complete package (flight, hotel, and event ticket) for this Maui event.

Business, Education, Non-Profit, and Youth Leaders will be joining us to experience an interactive leadership training while also having the opportunity to participate in golf, luau, and volcano expedition experiences.  These tickets help fund the speakers, the event, and the multiple needs leading up to the Maui Conference.

This movement to create impact in the multiple industries along with align like minded community focused doers is no small undertaking.  We are so excited to have great individuals working with us behind the scenes and doing incredible things such as: creating our theme songs with Grammy Award Winning Artists and Producers, sponsors aligning with us to create local events in multiple locations, an RV dealer working with us to provide the RV for our National Tour, and so much more.  Thank you to everyone who continues to venture on this new road to empower lasting change and create Shining Lights across the world.