Today is Day 2 of our new book, we are writing for 2014, what mindset will you consistently choose?

Compassionate Samurai, written by Brian Klemmer, shares an interesting definition of abundance thinking:

“Abundance is the position in which your wholeness and completeness are not dependent on external circumstances.”

This definition is a new perspective to be applied to more than financial thinking, it can spread to all the avenues of the wheel.  In coaching, we discuss the multiple spokes to your overall life wheel.  Choosing what goes into this wheel and what creates the balance in the spinning of the wheel is what a lot of coaches get to uncover for their clients because in most cases, the business, personal, spiritual, etc are dependent on some outside circumstance, finding the internal driving force not dependent on external circumstances changes behavior.  The Compassionate Samurai would claim such a Samurai is not dependent on such external circumstances.  Coach April would love to hear your thoughts on this perception.  Share on our website or on the social media sites this is posted on.

Happy NEW year, keep writing your new book, it is your choice what goes in it!