Real Moments
Take time to appreciate every moment!
Barbara de Angelis, who also wrote a great book called Real Moments, is an inspiration among many others to helping individuals understand the benefit of appreciating the moment.  Women, unlike men, have the challenge of taking in every moment, as many of my business advisers and coaches remind me because we have the tendency to give so much of ourselves away as stated in quote.  December is a wonderful month to take time to reflect, refuel, research, and rest in the midst of all the great moments to appreciate your family, the holiday spirit and the opportunity to share your gifts.  Make sure everyone, women, men, or child, we take time to appreciate every moment.
As a coach, I am front and center watching many business owners spend so much time in reaction, they do not take time to be in the moment, complete each moment and task, or really reward themselves for all they have accomplished.  It is up to each individual to take a moment, internally and externally appreciate every moment in some form or fashion.  We are not guaranteed anything more than this moment, make it count.
To each and every one of my readers, clients, friends, and all those I am yet to meet, I appreciate you every moment and the opportunity to inspire you.
May you all have a wonderful holiday season truly being in each moment.