Online strategic leadership:

There are many ways to learn how to climb the online ranking and strategy. The material and perceptions are massive.  The fundamentals still reflect back to strategic focus.  Although, many would like to delegate this, learning is creating future leadership opportunity when you are ready to delegate.

Active Rain, a real estate online community, is where I found this input.  The author shared some simple thoughts on what he heard at a large technical real estate seminar.  Niche marketing has been going on for years.  In this day and age, there are millions of images, distractions, etc fighting for your attention.  Therefore, there is a need for you to know what you are passionate about and how you will express it.

(Active Rain link–the-strategy-you-need-to-rank-online?utm_campaign=base&utm_medium=email&utm_source=dailydrop)

Coaches thought:

Narrowing down your niche is a simple as the way you earn client relationships.  It could also be how you express your expertise.  Another tool to work diligently on is how to customize the way you duplicate your business.  This also may be to cause referrals and high quality service through online presence from testimonials.

Overall, One Light Ahead has chosen the niche phrase “strategic leadership” for “personal and professional development”.  Coach April empowers clients to increase their income, build their systems, their team and keep balance in the process when they commit to focused implementation.  Thankfully, over the years of working with thousands of clients she has cultivated the powerful actions of commitment, consistency, and connection. Leading opportunities for growth is her niche as she encourages her clients to be the expert of themselves.

Online ranking is the visual representation of an individual’s priorities and values.  The ranking growth happens when the readers also connect and support the priorities and values as well.  For One Light Ahead’s audience, we support commitment to increasing your influence (leadership) and being proactive (strategic) to best serve your own health, family, community, business.  We choose to filter our focus/niche through our daily, weekly, monthly actions and choices.

Implementation option:

Contemplate who your last five clients or relationships were.  Determine what is alike and not alike to create an awareness of who is your audience or possible niche is.  What words are creating success for the clients to commit? Determine what other factors have influence and narrow in your message. Keep your voice heard through these impressions online.  Most importantly leadership by example is best seen in consistency.