Behind the name of every business is a story; stories of the natural genius that was needed to blossom a seed of an idea into a profitable legacy for generations to come. Let us give you a helicopter view of three examples of the natural genius behind a business.

McDonald’s Duplication System

This franchise system, that would soon become worldwide, did not start out as a natural genius duplicatable system until Ray Kroc met the MacDonalds. Kroc was a failing traveling salesman until one day he sold his shake machines to a restaurant he had to learn more about. The movie Founder shares the story in a Hollywood version of the strategic and what some would call despicable journey this story reveals. Yet, Ray Kroc, either way, made history discovering and creating a duplication system that is still profitable today. The leadership lessons in what to do and what to consider not doing may be found in multiple leadership articles. Although MacDonald’s had an original concept from their natural genius, the genius of Ray Kroc made the golden arches a trade-marked emblem. All the leaders had their own natural genius and yet all learned some historical lessons. The Founder is a movie you may watch to see and hear more of the story.

Judi’s Cleaners local story

A local example of a natural leader is found in Citrus Heights, Ca. Ben Combs, owner of Judi’s Cleaners was kind enough to let me interview him. He shared in his interview on our Facebook Live and in our previous conversations how his journey was all about learning how valuable his authentic genius of being learning focused among many other talents, was valuable to his business as well as to others. A wise coach came into his life 20 years ago when he was almost ready to throw in the towel and helped him discover how to measure the results, how to create effective and efficient procedures, which drastically affected profitability, and ultimately the culture of his business. The culture of his business improved as they measured the day to day activities. Every employee, still to this day, clocks in and out on the specific task they are doing to measure return on investment of each process to their business. This simple little change caused dominoes of benefits, including peace of mind. He now knows almost every detail of his business and still has time to spend with his family, on the tennis court, playing guitar and investing in his community.

One Light Ahead CEO story discovering the Habit Finder

Coach April Ballestero, the CEO of One Light Ahead has been developing her company since 2006 when she delivered the first One Light Ahead seminar. Five years later as her son was finishing high school, she started a formal business coaching lenders in the evening while getting paid for her day job coaching real estate agents at Keller Williams. She went full time learning year after year how valuable coaching and uncovering layers of natural genius was. In the journey, she discovered a powerful profile called the Habit Finder. It is an axiological mathematics tool to discover layers of thoughts and habits she was already learning on her own through trial and error. This tool, among many others, along with a great deal of coaches empowered her to empower others and herself to lead from the inside out from her core values and talents. Her own mastery of her mindset, skills, and results created one of her coaching programs.

Yet, now years later, the Habit Finder is a foundational tool along with her DISC certification and Masters in Leadership as she helps others discover their natural genius and the habits that may be supporting or sabotaging them. Her own daily leadership by example also caused her to create an Annual Trailblazer Summit for all desiring to blaze their own trails.

Discovering your Natural Genius

Your actions, thoughts and words have impact on your natural genius. A quote I enjoy sharing says “we all have unique fingerprints to make unique impact” – Author unknown. Feel free to learn more about your natural genius through our free profile on our website. The link is and there is no obligation attached to this. Even the debrief session to understand some of the colors is complimentary to all referred by the Sacramento BBB. It is our endeavor through our coaching, consulting and seminars to empower lives to shine utilizing their natural genius one light at a time.