Years ago I attended a military style leadership training called Rapport Leadership.  It was incredibly enlightening and when I had finished I found that I had learned a great deal about comfort zones, leadership, and uniting teams.  Recently I was thinking about just how often people are in comfort zones that aren’t all that “comfortable”. It made me recall certain details about the first Rapport training I did. During this they told us over the course of this extremely intense weekend that we would find ourselves inside nice little comfort zones, but we had to be prepared to leave them behind and make new ones for ourselves.  This statement still resonates with me today.

We believe, as some would say, that a “comfort zone” is called so because it is supposed to be comfortable.  For many it is a place of familiarity and habit that is not comfortable at all.  We consider it the status quo, and due to our fear of the unknown we don’t want that challenged or disrupted because doing so is a painful notion. Because of this, we choose to stay in the zone of “lesser pain”.

For many, the pain of addressing a bad habit or rocking the boat isn’t worth ripping off the band aid, even if doing so helps the wound heal.

Most all of us are stuck in comfort zones that really aren’t good for our personal growth. Many days we make the choices to continue doing what is familiar and safe. Some even wonder, what if we had decided to do that one thing that scared us years ago; would we be in a much better place today?  Where will we get the strength and resolve to choose things outside of our comfort zones?  A conversation I had today with a old friend was very illuminating. I realized that so many people attempt to judge or scare others, or refuse to forgive, when they could be loving, accepting and supportive individuals.

May we all choose TODAY to take responsibility for our ability to impact others through love, forgiveness and redemption, and decide to help others find a place where they can truly thrive.