An amazing leader who I have the pleasure to serve on a council with shared some amazing stories of her background, influence, and purpose today.  These stories always inspire me and so many don’t realize how important it is to allow others to share their stories, their history, their accomplishments, hobbies, and so much more.  This is why I sought out a powerful article regarding how much impact relationships are to our health.  Everyday I coach, teach, and consult on the power of the cheerleader relationships – the client who is shouting your praises – GO _(insert your name)___, GO _(insert your name)____, GO!!!!

These clients already value your services, who you are, and what you do.  The even greater value is you are helping to extend both of your lives.  Please, always feel free to share your comments and stories to how you are a cheerleader and are caring for your cheerleaders.  We are always looking for additional cheerleaders by helping you build your systems and keep caring for your clients and friends.