Weekly One Light Moment

Quote of the Day

“Adventure without risk is Disneyland” -Doug Copeland

Many who have gotten to know Coach April know how relationship focused she is and how adventurous her life is.  Richard Flint, who will be one of our speakers in Maui,reminds his audience constantly to be focused on enjoying the adventure.  At One Light Ahead we are embracing the unknown by creating the Shining Lights Conference, implementing the Ambassador program, and creating a whole new approach to ways communities unite.  Please see a dear friend‘s endorsement he shared just recently on Linked in.
“I had the pleasure of beginning a what I hope is a life long friendship/partnership with April in 2004 when she was a blaze of energy and focus for Century 21. I was running the Development (fundraising) department for Easter Seals (Sac area) at the time and April literally changed the landscape for exposure and funding of the Easter Seals mission & vision.

What was most amazing to me (at the time) was how much she was doing on the real estate front while doing what seemed like more than full time help to get Easter Seals the attention and support it so deserved. I literally just jumped on her coat tails and enjoyed the ride for 3 solid years.

During that time we developed a strong bond and allowed me to get an understanding of and even connected to her life’s passions. She knew then that “One Light Ahead” was the answer not only for her but for an infinite number of people who were ready/willing/wanting to “get it”.

I’ve been able witness up close and from afar April’s dedication to this project, her family and other areas of service that drive her to be the woman she is. I’m beyond honored to call her my friend!

-Sincerely, Eric”

We welcome all our friends to share their testimonials for us and each other as it shows others how much impact you have had and want to continue to have.
More to follow next week on local events in your area to experience personal and professional development adventures.