Ever felt like you have so much going on and that you are being misunderstood by so many people you are communicating with? As individuals communicate or teams develop, creating synergy is a process. Transformation in coaching is also a process. Thus, as I help develop teams including my own teams, I run into opportunities to help everyone understand the process of working together. The concept from Steven Covey’s book the 8th habit shows how to contemplate the third alternative – not my way or your way, the synergistic way. So many say they feel stuck because they do not see the opportunity to be ready and willing for transformation. It is a choice to learn how to empower your team to synergy through communication. The visual shows the opportunity to create a simplistic concept to create solutions.

Solution focused not self focused is the perspective we need to create in our communities. Steven Covey among many other great leaders knew and shared ways to address how to ensure people feel valued, share their voice, and transcend themselves. This is our daily goal to help you, your team, and our communities get Solution focused causing transformation.