Years ago I got the opportunity to be a Productivity coach for Keller Williams while I was building One Light Ahead.  I would coach the agents during the day and the lenders in the evenings.  Since then I am still contracted for quite a few Keller Williams agents and offices, plus promote the Millionaire Real Estate Agent book consistently for systems to implement into any business.  Let Brian share what value he got:
"Coach April has coached me for the past few years and has continued to challenge me to not only push my limits; yet to also exceed them. She has continued to push the fact that anything worth achieving in life takes a winning mindset and desire to not stop until the goal is attained. With mindset being such a large part of most hurdles when achieving a personal and/or business breakthrough; she has pushed me to stay focused on my mindset and consistency to keep me moving in the right direction. With One Light Ahead; I've been able to build a business worth having and a life worth living. I will forever be grateful to April as a coach, mentor and friend. Thanks Coach."