What is our style of business coaching?

One Light Ahead’s passion is coaching, consulting, and providing seminars to committed individual clients, leaders, and organizations to increase their effective, efficient, and empowered results. We inspire and equip leaders to create, construct and customize personal and professional road maps by cultivating and building relationships, systems, and teamwork – One Light at a time. With customized coaching for the group and individual, One Light Ahead’s coaches inspire clients to grow beyond where they imagined possible.

What are the immediate and long term benefits of coaching?

The immediate results we have witnessed are fresh commitments, focus, and in some cases, within a month to three months increased personal and professional results. Example: One client had her income double in six months, from committed and consistent focus. In most cases, since the process of gaining trust, building relationship, setting up systems, and developing consistent commitment with such a wide variety of clients must be so individualized, personal results are as varied as the clients themselves, yet clearly noticeable, and generally measurable by some metric. Of course, it’s also true that the results rely on implementation by the individual or team. A coach is not the driver (the player, if you prefer sports reference) and the driver has to execute the plan to create the real results. Sometimes, the coach and the player must experiment with several approaches before one “clicks,” to achieve desired results. We have learned the value of learning along with our clients about what strategy will truly work for them. As coaches we too are improved, and bring added value as a result to both current and future clients, with each individual who offers us the privilege of working with them on their journey.

What are the costs involved?

The first initial consultation is with no obligation. We also include a few resources or tools available through our website. We love the opportunity, again at no cost for you, to check out our weekly email/newsletter to get familiar with the weekly tool we share with our readers. After the consultation, we determine what program fits your budget, team, or company and create a strategy that will best fit the needs you have expressed. We also have events and masterminds available at economical costs to get exposure to coaching.

Why do I need a coach?

Most, if not all, top producers; top athletes, etc. have multiple coaches in all the areas of their life. We have tools that address life and business to help remove roadblocks that get in the way of your desired results. In some cases we help clients see the need to create some detours, roadblocks and stop signs in the paths they are currently traveling. We look forward to helping you determine the best path for your desired result.

How will I benefit from a coaching relationship?

All top producers, athletes and other high performers have multiple coaches in many areas of their life, in addition to their “specialty.” We have tools that address life and business to help remove roadblocks that obstruct your desired results in all areas of life. In some cases, we help clients discover the need to create their own personal detours over, under and around those roadblocks and “stop” signs on the paths they are currently traveling. More, we help them discover their “blind spots,” and develop a wider, more powerfully resourced field of vision. We look forward to helping you determine the best path for your desired results.