Our weekly live Q&A is our way to help and answer questions for business owners, leaders, and strategic influencers just like you get re-focused on owning their leadership, defeating destructive mindsets, and truly walking the path to love what they do again.

Business Leaders

We specialize in executives, influencers, and entrepreneurs. We invite some of our top business leaders to share with the group.

Access Anywhere

Every Monday at 3 p.m. Eastern. Join Coach April as she works to answer any questions your have in our open mic Q&A sessions.

Always Free

Our Q&A sessions are always free. We give you the same information we give to our clients while maintaining a safe and open space.

Range of Subjects

We want to brainstorm strategies, actions, and steps you can take to serve your team, and ultimately find joy and fulfillment every day.

Register for free. Love what you do again.

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