Being Your Authentic Self, with Lindsay Hotmire

Episode 3:

Addressing the ELEPHANT in the Room
Lindsay Hotmire is a copywriter and brand coach who helps women business owners grow heart-and-soul-aligned businesses. Creator of PARAGON™ and The UNbrand METHOD®, Lindsay has helped 347+ clients ditch one-size-fits-all frameworks and formulas, and since 2016, her approach has empowered her clients to create $10,000 to $1 M campaigns — all without losing sight of their true, authentic selves.

Lindsay has been a featured expert at Content Marketing Institute, 17 Ways to Beat Back Writer’s Block and Win, Inbound, Content Marketing World, the Copywriter Club IRL, Found Conference, Shine Bootcamp, and her message has been shared with podcast audiences across the globe. Lindsay lives in the Midwest with her husband and is an almost-empty-nester mom to 4 kids.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How does the elephant of authenticity show up in conversation
  • What is the authenticity flywheel that Lindsay created
  • How being aware of misalignment is being truly authentic
  • What is the difference between your adaptive self and your authentic self
  • Why is it a struggle for Gen X women to sing their own praises
  • What two things often block us from our authentic self


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