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Online, self-paced, coaching experience for anyone ready to look in the mirror, sample our coaching tools, and experience seven modules learning about their habits and commitments.

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It is often, Coach April shares some take years to consider coaching. Looking in the mirror is difficult. Determining what habits are holding a person hostage is challenging. Yet, it is real and in each of the modules Coach April meets each sampling partner at where they are.

In each module, from time management, leadership development, dream considerations, and even financial conversations, all when each person is ready to take the discussion on. Some fly through each module and commit to the next level and some take time to digest each concept to create clarity before they move forward.

What you will get when you commit:

  1. A video introduction from Coach April
  2. A new video each module from Coach April encouraging your through each assignment
  3. An approved email with comments from each assignment directly from Coach April
  4. A compassionate nudge as she feels called when an assignment or time has gone by where you may not be engaging in the process to consider recommitting and refining your work.
  5. A gift of a one to one session completely complementary at completion of course.

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