MLC- Masters League Competition:

The Masters League Competition (MLC) was created by Coach April to get players into action of treating their business’ like a baseball field. Each player gets to play through the nine innings, one inning for one hour each week. You’ll be a part of an online team engaging in business practices to compete for MVP.

Date and time

November 9th 2020


Online Competition

About this course

She discovered over 30 plus years of developing professionals’ action is what shows true commitment. Each player gets to discover in this new digital world how to create new approaches in fun simple systems and structures. Multiple aspects of every business gets addressed from building advocate relationships, converting relationships into fulfilled needs, and exceeding valuable standards and procedures. There is even a work/life balance added value mixed into this unique course.

What you will get over the nine weeks:

  1. Weekly group coaching one hour a week
  2. One to One coaching for the strategy session and the capstone session
  3. A community of entrepreneurs like you to learn and grow with
  4. The habit finder manual
  5. Four personal and professional development books including
  6. Greatest Salesman in the World written by Og Mandino
  7. Today I Begin a New Life written by Dave Blanchard
  8. The Observer’s Chair written by Dave Blanchard
  9. Mt. Equanimity written by Dave Blanchard
  10. An embossed journal to record the process of growth
  11. An online platform for measuring, reporting and sharing your work with your coach

what people say

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