April’s coaching and high-level business consulting has resulted in dramatically increased associate productivity levels throughout our organization. If you’re ready to take your business and your life to the next level, or if you’re an organization looking to bring incredible value and productivity to your company and your people’s lives, One Light Ahead will exceed your expectations, they did with us.

Roy Merlino

Business Owner

Stephen Costello

Century 21 Select Group
April was my coach when I first started real estate at Century 21 Select. I can say without a doubt that without April’s coaching that first year, I wouldn’t have the career I do now. I would most likely be doing something different. April is a tough, accountable coach with some experienced, real world techniques and advice to help make any agent successful. I watched her turn “seasoned” agents of 20+ years on cruise control into productive, modern-day agents with the ability to use the tools available to them effectively and organically.